Monday, May 14, 2012

What to Pack for Your Volcano Village Vacation

If you're taking a vacation to Hawaii, you might think all you need to pack are bikinis and sunscreen. But if your destination is the Big Island, and you're planning on spending any amount of time in the rain-forest area of Volcano Village , you'll need to pack quite differently.

Sunscreen is always a good idea, so you should certainly keep that in your travel bag, even when touring the rain-prone area of Volcano, Hawaii. But there are several other essentials you may not have considered when writing up your suitcase check-list.

First, keep in mind that Volcano, Hawaii is located at an elevation of 4,000 feet, where the air is cooler and the weather is unpredictable. Rainfall averages between 100 to 250 inches a year, so chances are you'll experience a rainy day on your visit. Rain coats or ponchos are helpful to have along, especially the pocket or disposable kind that cost only a few dollars. Having a small, fordable rain coat on hand is ideal when hiking in Volcano Village, because while it could be a sunny, dry day when you set out, the weather can turn on a dime. Carrying along a lightweight "emergency" rain poncho is a smart and inexpensive solution. My suggestion is to buy and pack one poncho for each day you'll be in the area. It won't cost a lot, and having a clean, dry covering each time will be much easier than trying to dry out and refold your plastic rain gear after each use.

Next, be sure to pack, and dress, in layers. Again, with the weather hard to predict in Volcano Hawaii, you'd be wise to bring along an assortment of clothing options. During the day, temperatures average between 65 and 75 degrees, and the mornings and evenings can dip to 50 or 60 degrees. But regardless of the time of year, there are always fluctuations. Be prepared by packing long pants, a lightweight, long-sleeved jacket, and a hat or other head covering in addition to the shorts and t-shirts you were probably already loading into your suitcase. Closed-toe shoes are best when hiking in the rain-forest, and are also preferred when temperatures drop.
With miles of lush, tropical rain-forest trails, you're sure to be doing plenty of hiking when in Volcano Hawaii . Be sure to bring along a refillable water bottle or hydration pouch so you're always able to quench your thirst during your adventures.

Although the beach has its appeal, there is nothing so beautiful as the pristine area of Volcano Village. Pack well and enjoy your rain-forest adventure!

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